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Let’s face it. Serving healthy meals can be a daily challenge. Dr. Cowan’s all-organic, nutrient-dense vegetable powders & Kitchen Staples make healthy eating fast, easy and delicious.

How It Works
  • Dinner has been a challenge lately with this cutie. He is still picky with vegetables which drives me crazy! Thankfully I can sprinkle @drcowanspowders on many of his foods for some extra vegetable nutrition until this phase ends. As long as what I offer him is nutritious, no sense in worrying too much about it. Thank you so much!

    -Ashley A.

  • Although I do eat a lot of kale and spinach, I am concerned about the oxalate levels because I have a chronic pain condition and arthritis. This product gives me a break without having to cut down on eating greens!

    -Sara K.

  • I can't tell you how many 'green superfoods' I've tried. They all taste like the bottom of a pill bottle. [Dr. Cowan's] powder tastes like it came from someone's garden because it did.

    -Etienne T.

  • I have the pickiest 4 year old ever. I do my best to get veggies into him but it is a major struggle. Dr. Cowan's veggies have been a life saver! I love how easily I can give him a wide variety of greens and veggies as well.

  • Dr. Cowan's powders are the best way for me to get extra vegetable matter into my diet, my wife's diet, and my 21 month old son's diet! It isn't always easy feeding kids vegetables and sneaking this powder into some of his food products helps get him the nutrients he needs.

    -Brent V.

  • The quality of Dr Cowans' products is exceptional. Love the taste, the packaging and most of all the ingredient list. There is nothing else in ingredient list except the actual vegetable. It can't get any better than that. Thank you Dr Cowan for high quality veggie powders.

    -Inaida N.

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