The Only Seed Oils I Use


Whenever I am at a health-food store or food expo, I look for products contained in Miron jars. That is how I found the Raw Revelations line of herbal extracts, which I used extensively in the last few years of my medical practice. I have consistently found that any product stored in Miron jars seems to work better, and I have come to the conclusion that any company that has taken the time and expense to put their products into Miron jars is at least worth investigating.

This is the case with Andreas Seed Oils. I don't use any cooking fats other than butter and ghee, lard and tallow, coconut oil and the best olive oil. It's not that I don't think that plants could concentrate healing compounds in their oils; it's that the extraction methods used to obtain these oils almost always ruin the beneficial properties of the oil. 

For example, the common designation "cold-pressed" means only that no external heat was added in the extraction process. The grinders can get extremely hot, but because they're not an external source of heat, the product still counts as a cold-pressed oil. As far as I know, all commercial seed oils such as corn, safflower, sunflower, etc., even if organic, are produced in large grinders that heat the oil, can add microscopic metallic "shards" to the oil, and, in general, denature anything that would have been healthy in the final product. Animal fats, coconut oil and olive oil don't need this type of extraction so end up being the healthiest fats to eat.

The entire rationale for Andreas Seed Oils is that Andreas Wecker starts his process with the finest organically grown plants. Using a no-heat, no-grind process, he simply presses the oil out of the plant. No heat, no metallic shards, no denaturing of the essential oil, no toxic rancid oils in our food. To further preserve these healing essential oils, he stores them only in Miron jars, which both excludes harmful wavelengths of light and allows energizing wavelengths to penetrate the oil. I think of Andreas' seed oils not so much as cooking oils, although they can be used for cooking, but more as essential-oil therapy.

I add a teaspoon of Flax Seed Oil l to all our salad dressings. I take one to two droppers a day of Coriander Seed Oil for its warming, enlivening effect. I use the Kava Oil as a medicine for helping with sleep, and I recommend it to people who are temporarily agitated.

These are not the usual seed oils, which should be completely avoided. These are therapeutic, essential compounds concentrated by the plants in their warming oils so that we can warm our hearts and lives.  



  • Stacey Jostad

    When will Black Cumin oil be back in stock? I searched high and low for the right source of this important healing oil, but now that I’ve finished the bottle I tried, you’re sold out!

  • Red Hawkins

    I heard your interview yesterday and as always was hugely valuable. Will definitely order some of the coriander seed oil.

  • Daniel Fingarette

    I scored the 15% off base on the spinning of the wheel, but I had no way to obtain this as I was about to check out.

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