Better Beet Ketchup


By Esther Boateng 

If the thought of making your own beet ketchup sounds like too much work for too little gain, this recipe might sway your opinion. Homemade condiments made from scratch, and I mean truly from scratch, require some effort; however, if you’re prepared to roll up your sleeves, the end result is definitely worth the elbow grease.

If time is not on your side, you can skip the roasting stage and transfer all the ingredients to a pot, and let it simmer for up to an hour or so; it all boils down to personal preference. 

I prefer to roast the veggies and let them simmer for a while.  The result is a wonderfully rich and thick tangy sauce that bursts with flavor, with the right amount of sweetness.

Stored in a suitable airtight container in the fridge, this ketchup can easily last for days, much like homemade vinaigrette dressing. If you’re happy to peel, chop, roast, and simmer, you can have a healthier version of regular ketchup that tastes great with pretty much any meal, such as baked sweet potato fries or a juicy burger.



  • Customer Support

    Hello Barbara, Thank you for the comment. You could add probiotic sauerkraut juice instead of regular vinegar if you would like it fermented. If you do so, it may be wise to research a similar recipe that is fermented and augment the ratio of ingredients to ensure the stability and longevity of the ketchup.

  • Barbara

    Is there any reason not to replace the vinegar with some probiotic sauerkraut juice and make it fermented?

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