French Onion Soup


By Esther Boateng

Did your 12 days of Christmas turn into 12 pounds at Christmas?  If so, this is the perfect soup to give your gut a well-earned rest, and perhaps get your energy levels soaring again. Bone broth, plenty of onions, garlic, and seasoning is all you need to pull this off.

Grab up to 4 onions, and your sharpest kitchen knife to get started; if you have a mandolin, grab that too. If you’re a stickler for tradition, add white wine when you sauté the onions. I prefer to skip the alcohol and add a dash of Worcestershire sauce; it adds a slight kick without completely hijacking the overall flavor of the soup. 

Float croutons on top of the soup or enjoy it with a slice of cheesy toast mixed with red onions, or skip carbs altogether and keep things simple; voila.



  • Customer Support

    Hello Deborah,

    Thank you for reaching out. The bullion is optional in the recipe. However there is an organic version of Better Than Bouillon that’s clean. Not all flavors though.

    Customer Support

  • Deborah

    This recipe looks so good. But, beef bouillon paste? I haven’t found one yet that is healthy. Do you have any recommendations for brands or substitutes? Thank you!

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