Nutty Blueberry Pudding And Chocolate Pudding Alternative

By Esther Boateng

Are you creative in the kitchen? If so, this is the perfect recipe for you. There’s plenty of room to exercise your creative flair and improvise with this blueberry-, avocado-, and nut-based recipe; make it simple, or as complicated as you like. Customize it according to your palate by replacing ingredients with your favorites.

Sometimes I include vanilla protein powder in the blueberry topping and hemp seeds in the base, in addition to cashew nuts. Bee pollen granules are another option you could include in the base to boost the sweetness and nutritional profile. Adding many dry ingredients might make the base crumblier, which can contrast well with the creamy blueberry topping. If you want a moist base, add more nut butter, coconut oil, or raw coconut butter; bear in mind that the nut butter or coconut butter will increase the sweetness of the base.

Blueberries are inherently quite sweet, so you only need a small amount of added sweetener, if any. If you choose the chocolate topping instead of the blueberry one, you will most likely need to balance out the bitter taste of raw cacao with a sweetener. I prefer to use honey fortified with royal jelly and bee pollen, maple syrup, ripe mashed banana, or fresh coconut water, which has the added benefit of thinning out the consistency of the topping if it feels too thick.

Lastly, to heighten the chocolate flavor of the chocolate topping, add more cacao powder, chocolate chips, or chocolate nibs during the blending process.


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