Pecan Butter and Gelatin Granola Bowl

By Esther Boateng

Want to switch up your breakfast and kickstart your day in a healthy way? Try this tasty bowl of granola with pecan butter, gelatin, and yogurt. Who would have thought sprouted nuts and seeds, creamy full fat yogurt spiced with cinnamon, cardamom, and vanilla, overnight soaked chia seeds, hemp seeds, and some blueberries could taste so good?

You can enjoy this breakfast bowl cold, straight from the fridge. If you prefer it warm, heat your blueberries or your mixture of raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries over moderate heat for a minute or two, just long enough for the berries to release their juice, and pour it over your granola yogurt.

The pecan butter and granola provide some sweetness, especially when you mix in the berries, but sometimes I add a small amount of honey fortified with bee propolis for added nutrition and sweetness, especially if I use an unsweetened yogurt and extra chia seeds or hemp seeds.

Sometimes I use store bought sprouted pumpkin and sunflower seeds that contain a little sea salt. This gives the granola yogurt a delicious salty-sweet taste.

If you have time, make a gelatin mold garnish by adding two tablespoons of gelatin powder and cold or room temperature water to a bowl, with a touch of beet powder, pomegranate, or elderberry powder, and your choice of sweetener. Add a sprinkle of bee pollen granules or sprouted crushed almonds on top of your blueberries; it’s beyond satisfying and will keep hunger pangs at bay until lunchtime.


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