Saganaki Veggie Bowl

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By Esther Boateng

Let your imagination run wild with this Greek-inspired delicacy, and build your own bowl of delicious veggies, rice and legumes, topped with Saganaki, a Greek-style cheese covered in almonds. Pile on your favorite food items, including whatever you have in your fridge or pantry. It all starts with your foundation, cooked brown rice, then add as many or as few sides as you like; lentils or mung beans, sauerkraut with beet powder, hummus, olives, toasted pine nuts; whatever you crave, there’s no right or wrong, and top it off with the saganaki, and a protein of your choice (optional). 

Every so often we have 'Meatless Mondays' in our household, and for this meal, falafels were on the menu instead of meatballs. Sides such as brussels sprouts, avocado, or roasted garlic with onions are also great options. Sometimes I like to peel a few garlic gloves, roast them along with red onions, and add them to the rice mixture. Roasted garlic has a less intense flavor when it's roasted whole, but it still tastes incredible.

The satini dressing (satay +tahini) and black sesame seed oil add the finishing touches to this “B-Y-O-B” (Build Your Own Bowl). The deeply rich nutty flavor of the black sesame seed oil pairs amazingly well with the subtle flavor of toasted chestnut in the brown rice; a match made in heaven. 


1 comment

  • Stace

    Sounds delightful..can’t wait to try

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