Tabouleh Spring Salad

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By Esther Boateng

Enjoy your spring salad with a sizzling steak, or a chunk of chargrilled chicken; alternatively, skip the meat altogether and top with crushed sprouted almonds, lightly toasted pine nuts, or mashed avocado and a poached egg. This recipe calls for Carolina Gold Rice, but you can swap with bulgur wheat, barley, buckwheat, or amaranth; all are worthy contenders.

The same goes for parsley. Traditional tabbouleh recipes use plenty of parsley, but feel free to replace this ingredient with spinach or enjoy a mix of both. Go ahead and make your own vinaigrette; it adds a tangy touch to this refreshing spring salad.


1 comment

  • Sandra J Earle

    don’t you treat grain by Weston Price principles? Sandra

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