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Sea Island Red Peas

Ruddy and diminutive, Sea Island Red Peas represent the variety of heirloom field peas that created classic southern dishes. Expressing the vigor of their African diversity with bold flavor and exceptional nutrition, Sea Island Red Peas cook to a sweet, creamy richness. Gluten Free. 


Basic directions: Add 2 cups beans to 6 cups of water and soak overnight (at least 16-24 hours). Strain and rinse well. Add beans to 1 quart of water or bone broth, add a pinch of salt, and simmer for 1 hour, stirring every 5 to 10 minutes. Once the beans are soft and creamy, add butter and powders or spices.


Tips and uses: Soaked and simmered in a stew or chili, these peas will develop flavors by absorbing and plumping up as you cook them. An extra-long soak (24-plus hours) will result in shorter simmer times.


Ingredients: Heirloom variety, organic Sea Island Red Peas. Nothing else. 

Net Weight: 16 oz. 

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