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CharGrow BioGranules™ is a biochar-based probiotic containing beneficial microorganisms and microbial foods. When added to growing media and native soils, BioGranules has been proven to enhance biological activity and plant performance.

  • Fortifies Growing Mixes
  • Increases Water Retention
  • Improves Health & Vitality of Transplants & Seedlings
  • Increases Beneficial Root Biology

One 32 oz. bottle of BioGranules contains 4 cups (1.4 lbs.)

A note on expiration dates:
Government regulations require us to place an expiration date on the bottles. However, we have found the product to be completely viable and working at full potency indefinitely past the expiration date.


Vegetable Gardens: Apply 2 tablespoons of BioGranules per square foot (1 lb. per 100 square feet) of planting area or apply a pinch of BioGranules with each seed. Work into top 4 – 6 inches of soil; add seed or transplant, and water in.

By Volume of Soil & Growing Media:  Add at 2.5% by volume (3 cups per cu. ft.) in growing mixes.

Vegetable and Flower Transplants: Add 1⁄4 inch layer BioGranules to bottom of transplant hole.

Trees and Shrubs: Mix 3 cups BioGranules per cu. ft. of soil from the planting hole. Place mixture into hole at 6-inch depth. Place tree or shrub into planting hole and fill with remainder of mix.

Potting Soil:  Mix 2 – 3 cups BioGranules per cu. ft. of growing media.

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