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Dr. Cowan’s Garden Spinach Powder

Spinach, one of the most nutritious of the green vegetables, is loaded with iron, chlorophyll, carotenoids, folate, B vitamins and many other antioxidants. 

Our Spinach Powder starts with organically grown spinach, is lightly cooked, then dried at low temperature to preserve the nutrients and the flavor.  After drying the powder is packed in Miron jars, whose deep-indigo glass prevents degradation of the nutrients.

 Its rich, buttery taste goes well with virtually any savory dish.  Use it in smoothies, add it to ground beef for burgers, sprinkle over salads or take it with you as you travel to ensure you get your daily helping of organic green vegetables.

Our favorite way to use Spinach Powder is sprinkled over our morning eggs.

Inside this jar are approximately 50 teaspoon-size servings!

Ingredients: Organic spinach. Nothing else.

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