Dr. Cowan's Garden Fiddlehead Fern Powder
Dr. Cowan's Garden Fiddlehead Fern Powder

Dr. Cowan's Garden Fiddlehead Fern Powder

$ 40.00

Fiddlehead ferns, the unfurled fronds of the Ostrich fern, are an early-spring delicacy prized by chefs as well as home cooks for their unique asparagus-like flavor. They have been eaten as part of traditional diets in Northern France, across Asia and among Native Americans.

Fiddleheads like to grow in the moist understory of deciduous forests all across the temperate world. The fiddleheads that were turned into our Fiddlehead Fern Powder were foraged in a sustainable way in Maine and were shipped the next day to us in California.

Although fiddleheads contain many vitamins and minerals, their most unique feature is their high content of both omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. These nutrients, in addition to high amounts of niacin, potassium, carotenoids and two times the number of anti-oxidants pound for pound than blueberries, make fiddleheads a valuable addition to your diet.

The huge transformation of the traditional or indigenous diet entailed a switch from strongly flavored, nutrient-dense perennial and wild vegetables to the tamer, sweeter, less nutritious annuals that we mostly eat today.   We are determined to do what we can to reverse this trend and bring back the flavors and nutrients of wild and perennial vegetables to the American diet.

Add a generous sprinkling of our Fiddlehead Fern Powder to rice with sautéd morel mushrooms,  buttered new potatoes or eggs. Our favorite way to use it is added to sautéd leeks for an omelet filling.

$40 for 100 grams
Net wt. 3.5 oz