Miron Violet Glass Jar – 50 ml (Travel Size)

Miron Violet Glass Jar – 50 ml (Travel Size)
Miron Violet Glass Jar – 50 ml (Travel Size)

Miron Violet Glass Jar – 50 ml (Travel Size)

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  • Beyond Organic
  • Supports Small Family Farms
  • No Preservatives or Additives

These empty Miron Violet Glass Jars with lids are the same ones we use for our Dr. Cowan’s Garden vegetable powders and come in various sizes for your food, supplement and cosmetic storage needs. These beautiful and unique violet glass jars block out the damaging wavelengths of light, while allowing only the energizing light to get through. These beneficial wavelengths of light—infrared, portions of UVA, and visible violet—protect the jar contents and ensure that taste, smell, color, bioenergy, and product properties remain longer preserved. Our jars are perfect as spare containers for your vegetable powders, nuts, seeds, spices, starches, supplements, lotions, creams or any other shelf-stable items you want to keep sealed and protected.

The 50 ml Miron Violet Glass Jar holds 1 2/3 oz. (30 grams) or 9 teaspoons of our powders and is perfect for travel. When you're away from home, whether hiking, vacationing or traveling for business, take one or several jars filled with any of our powders with you to ensure you'll always have access to nutritional foods. The travel jar is also a good size for homemade lip balm, a small amount of lotion, or a day’s supply of medicines or supplements.

Jar dimensions (without lid): approx. 48 mm dia. x 57 mm height

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