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Dr. Cowan's Garden - Napa Garden Citrus Salt

Our Citrus Salt contains bergamot, Buddha’s hand, kumquat, and Meyer lemon.  They are grown organically and with sufficiently intense flavors — thinly sliced them and dried them at a low temperature. That way, the whole fruit — nutritious seeds and flavorful rinds — could be included in the salt. After grinding the dried slices into a powder, we added them to some fine Celtic Sea Salt.


Use the Citrus Salt in place of salt in many baked recipes, added it to marinades for steak and pork, and used it as a rub on chicken just before grilling. It is also great added to homemade salad dressings and in cream-based soups. 


A blend of sweet, mild, and very sour citrus creates a balance of flavors that has a number of culinary applications. It is my hope that this seasoning (part of our Napa Garden line) will signal the end of a long winter and brighten your meals in anticipation of the coming warmth. 


Inside this jar are approximately 40 half teaspoon-size servings! 

Ingredients: Organically grown bergamot orange, Buddha’s hand, kumquat, Meyer lemon, and sea salt. Nothing else.

$30 for 70 grams
Net wt. 2.5 oz

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