Dr. Cowan’s Garden Tomato Salt
Dr. Cowan’s Garden Tomato Salt

Dr. Cowan’s Garden Tomato Salt

$ 25.00

Tomatoes contain the valuable anti-cancer nutrient lycopene, famous for helping to prevent breast and prostate cancer and, secondarily, to promote bone health. Researchers have also identified phytonutrients in tomatoes that have heart-protective benefits.

Interestingly, gentle heating of the tomato makes the lycopene more easily absorbed. The heirloom tomatoes in this salt were processed with gentle heat to bring out the flavor and to enhance the absorption of lycopene. 

Our Tomato Salt is made from a unique blend of some of the most delicious and nutritious tomatoes on the planet: Chadwick Cherry, Indigo Apple, Green Zebra, Stupice, Early Girl, Brandywine and Solar Flare. About 1.6 pounds of tomatoes are in each jar (20 teaspoons)!

It is two parts tomato powder and one part Celtic sea salt. Enjoy on any dish in which you would use tomato sauce or fresh tomatoes. Our favorite way to use it is sprinkled on buttered toast or over sliced avocados.

Ingredients: Organic tomatoes, Celtic sea salt. Nothing else.

$25 for 85 grams

Net wt. 3 oz

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