A New Place to Further Our Commitment to Organic Gardening

Reconnecting to Inspiration

During this time of relative uncertainty, we have decided to renew our commitment to gardening. Dr. Cowan’s Garden was originally a place, located in Napa Valley on a plot of land generously donated by a friend. It embodied our ideals and was a sanctuary for growth and learning.

The garden was our muse for new product offerings and for improving existing ones. The garden kept our ambitions grounded to certain fundamentals, as the practice of gardening can be challenging. As we have grown and are now moving on from our West Coast roots, we are not abandoning our ideals. We are building on our idea of sanctuary and reconnecting to the source of inspiration that has brought us this far.

Situated on an eight-acre plot of land, our new home in North Yarmouth, Maine, is the first new East Coast location that will be shaped by us and is intended to be a source of inspiration for years to come. We’ll grow plants here to test for future products.

A private gardener took extreme care to lay the foundation for what can only be described as a fairy tale of rock-terraced beds, a pond, small bridges for a waterway and so much more. For now, we are attempting to highlight the natural beauty of the property. Soon, we will plant fruit tree orchards, an herb garden, a vegetable garden, and perhaps a streamside garden. We will do a lot of pruning, trimming and mowing, and all along, we will appreciate the work that has already gone into the garden.

Included are “before” photos, and some that reveal the existing beauty of the gardens.

Joe Cowan
Director of Operations

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