Now available in four delectable flavors.
It’s a granola. It’s a cereal. It’s an oatmeal. It’s Dr. Cowan’s Garden Small-Batch Pre-Soaked Granola, destined to be a star performer in your kitchen!  This is not your typical granola. All our granolas start with a base mixture of organic rolled oats, diluted lemon juice, Celtic salt, raw coconut oil, and raw honey. The mixture is soaked for 24 hours, then low temperature dehydrated for 36 hours to preserve nutrients, resulting in a deliciously satisfying crispy texture. They can be eaten as a snack right out of the bag, as a cereal with milk, a yogurt topping, or heated and enjoyed as a hot and creamy oatmeal. You can also use it in place of plain oats in various recipes, depending on the flavor profile you are going for. The oats are properly pre-soaked, so there is no need to soak them again; the nutrients are fully bio-available right out of the bag.
Small-Batch Pre-Soaked Granola – Apple Walnut Crisp
$ 18.00
Small-Batch Pre-Soaked Granola – Touch of Honey
$ 14.00
Small-Batch Pre-Soaked Granola – Banana Muffin
$ 18.00
Small-Batch Pre-Soaked Granola – Classic Coconut
$ 18.00
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