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Vegetable Powder Starter Kit

Vegetable Powder Starter Kit
Vegetable Powder Starter Kit
Vegetable Powder Starter Kit
Vegetable Powder Starter Kit
Vegetable Powder Starter Kit

Vegetable Powder Starter Kit

Regular price $ 85.00

Introducing our Vegetable Powders Starter Kit from Dr. Cowan’s Garden, featuring four 100 ml Miron violet glass jars of some of our most popular beyond organic vegetable powders: Low-Oxalate Greens, Three-Beet, Threefold Blend Savory and Threefold Blend Slightly Sweet.

The 100 ml jars hold approximately 20 vegetable servings (20 tsp.), for an equivalent of 80 total vegetable servings in the kit. See below for the details on each of the 4 products that come in the kit.

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