Skin is the body’s largest organ yet can easily be overlooked in its importance for your overall healthcare regimen. With so many options to choose from, in an industry fraught with products that make bold, unsubstantiated claims, Dr. Cowan’s Garden is proud to offer natural skincare products with a back-to-basics approach. These nourishing and hydrating products are made in small batches by a local artisan, using the best ingredients available.
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Cedarwood and Chickweed with Pink Salt Tallow Soap
$ 15.00
Unscented Calendula Tallow Soap
$ 15.00
Lavender and Rose Tallow Soap
$ 15.00
Spearmint and Clove Tallow Soap
$ 15.00
Comfrey Tallow Balm Jar
$ 45.00
Fusion Tallow Balm Jar
$ 50.00
Radiance Tallow Balm Jar
$ 55.00
Winter Armor with Turpentine Tallow Balm Jar
$ 50.00
Magnesium Tallow Balm Large Glide-on
$ 46.00
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