Grains & Legumes

Organic, Handmade, Heirloom-Variety

Our grains and legumes are ancient heirloom varieties that offer vastly superior taste and texture to “modern” varieties. They are carefully grown using organic and biodynamic practices to enhance the nutrient-density and provide an unparalleled level of quality to your family’s dining experience. They are harvested and ground from the whole grain, and thereby suitable for sprouting. In fact, these products are so fresh that we recommend storing them under refrigeration to preserve them and keep them away from any grain-loving pests.

Organic Charleston Gold Aromatic Brown Rice
$ 13.50
Organic Gluten-Free Flour Blend
$ 12.00
Organic 18th Century Toasted Stone Cut Oats
$ 12.00
Organic Appalachian Heirloom Sweet Flint Popping Corn
$ 11.50
Organic Carolina Gold Rice
$ 13.50
Sold Out
Organic Savannah Red Rice
$ 14.50
Sold Out
Organic Artisan Handmade Fine Yellow Polenta
$ 10.50
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