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I hope everyone is enjoying this dark but festive time of the year. This time can be challenging for some people, on several levels, so we hope you’re fortifying yourself with nutrient-dense food, fresh air, adequate exercise — and fun!


Two short announcements today.  We are happy to share a new video of the processing facility we use in Upstate New York.   In many ways, our move from California was prompted by the need to find a facility somewhere near biodynamic farmers that could process our vegetables in the way that we need them processed.  It was a difficult for us to find such a place, because, as an example, almost all the other drying facilities would dry kale only raw, something we just could not accept.  Then we found Dan Rao and Assured Edge Solutions.  Not only were they located centrally to our farmers, but they also had developed a drying process that made our original strategy even better. They can handle almost any volume, produce a product as good if not better than what we could make in our kitchen, and all without our having to raise our prices to produce this superior powder.   We are well on our way to having a mostly biodynamic line of vegetable powders, which has been our core mission all along.  AES is a big part of making this happen. 



With gratitude,

Tom Cowan, M.D.








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