Connecting With What Is Real

During the holidays, most of us gather with friends and families to celebrate life.  This year I would encourage everyone to take a step back, take a deep breath and connect with what is real in their lives. Not the news, not the stories, not the media, not the entertainment, but the people, animals, plants, the sun, the moon and the other tangible and precious beings in their lives. 


This process of staying connected, staying with what you know to be real, will help grease the wheels of communication and reconnect you to gratitude, with the spirit of giving thanks. We at Dr. Cowan's Garden have an immense amount to be grateful for this year, for we get to work for a company that is doing good work in the world. We get to bring real food, grown by hard-working organic and biodynamic farmers, to our wonderful, supportive customers. We get to meet and talk about what foods are best for people to eat, to store, to have in their homes and pantries. We get to participate in the real world of feeding people.  


Above all, I want to personally thank all of our friends, supporters and customers. Without you, I wouldn't have the life that I have, I wouldn't be able to construct my dream garden and work with my sons. 


Be well, my friends. Keep in touch, and happy Thanksgiving.


With love,


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