Garden Update Part 12

Terraces & Structure


By Joe Cowan

Director of Operations


Since we moved to Maine a year ago, we have undergone a significant restoration project involving the woods behind our house, English-style gardens in the front and sides, and most formidable, the rock terraces. With some help from local gardeners and a great landscaping company, we have transformed the property into something truly functional and beautiful. The infrastructure of these gardens will easily be able to support our family, in addition to growing other commercial crops (what exactly to grow commercially is still uncertain). Although it is still very bare, the terraces are complete and I am in the process of preparing the soil for the first year of experimental planting. The emphasis is still on expanding and improving on the existing infrastructure on our little farm, with trellises, fencing, water, and wind harnessing structures, and much more. In the near future, we will be adding more garden beds, a fruit tree orchard, and a very small wheat field, in addition to planning for more animals (starting with bees and chickens).


With each small and big project we complete, the big picture becomes clearer. Sustaining ourselves without the need for chemicals or fertilizers is paramount, and going down this road invariably leads us to Biodynamic farming practices, not just for ourselves, but more and more for the farmers who grow the food for our businesses. In the meantime, we have taken a big step in creating the foundation for sustaining a wonderful life. Since undergoing this project, I have experienced more personal satisfaction and joy from the work I am doing than ever before. Each fruit tree planted and each cleared and prepped garden bed is another step forward in the march towards sustainability. And the process of planning and executing each project is enjoyable enough on its own to keep us going, not to mention all the wonderful fresh produce we will hopefully be able to grow this year.


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