Garden Update Part 9

Terrace Garden Reconstruction

By Joe Cowan

Director of Operations

It has been a cold and windy winter here in Maine with only a little bit of snow so far. Back in August we decided to contract a local landscaping company to help us restore and optimize the existing terrace gardens on our property. Gnome Landscape, Design, Masonry, and Maintenance out of Falmouth, Maine has been gracious enough to add us onto their schedule and work through the cold to have our garden beds, 28 in all, ready for planting this coming spring/summer. Over the years, the frog pond on the side of the hill had washed down into the gardens and ruined most of the walls. With the debris piling up and weeds, the area was almost unrecognizable as a garden when we first arrived. With one summer under our belt and some help from professionals, we should have a sunny and beautiful garden bed by later this year.

We are optimistic about this coming planting season. Our seeds are from High Mowing Organic seeds and Turtle Tree seeds, and we have a few projects to complete prior to starting to work on seedlings. We have a solarium attached to our house with lots of sun, so we should be ready to go by the time the sap starts to run. Some other interesting other projects we are looking forward to this year are beekeeping, raising chickens, and diving further into the world of preserving and keeping food from our harvest.

Before restoration: 

After restoration: 

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