How Eating From Each Plant ‘Sphere’ Nourishes the Whole Human Being


One of our primary goals is to make it easier for our customers to eat the best diet possible.  One of the aspects of a healthy diet is the daily inclusion of as many different types, colors and growth habits of vegetables as possible.   As Goethe and Rudolf Steiner pointed out, plants and human beings are “divided” into three separate but inter-penetrating spheres. 

For the plant, this means a root sphere, a leaf/stem sphere and a flower/fruit sphere.  Separate activities and substances are active in each of these spheres, and, more important for us, each sphere nourishes a different part of the human being.   Root vegetables nourish the nerves and head of the human being.   Leaves and stems nourish the circulation and breathing of the human being, and the flower/fruit realm of the plant nourishes our metabolic/reproductive functions. 

It is interesting that many of humankind’s lasting and most important plant medicines take advantage of this way of thinking.  Simple examples include digitalis leaves as a primary medicine for the heart, circulation and breathing.   Another example would be chamomile flowers for supporting digestive function in small children.   And, finally, we all learned as children that eating carrot roots is good for the health of our eyes. Countless other examples underlie this basic wisdom that consuming the three parts of the plant each day should be seen as a fundamental health practice.

Yet, life is busy, and we don’t always have the time to shop for and cook plants from each sphere every day.   Our Threefold powders essentially do this for you.  Today we are re-introducing our Threefold Blend (Slightly Sweet) Powder, made from the roots of carrots and beets, the leaves of Swiss chard and kale and the fruit of the butternut squash.  Each vegetable is cooked in a way similar to how you would prepare the vegetable at home, and each is organically grown. Together, they make getting your daily threefold-vegetable serving as easy as adding a tablespoon to your daily soup.

Please enjoy the Threefold Blend (Slightly Sweet) Powder with virtually any dish, and rest assured that you are being nourished by the three basic parts of the plant world.


In health,

Tom Cowan, M.D.

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