Let’s All Imagine Together the World We Want to Create

Nutrition Remains a Priority


These are challenging times for all of us.  While everyone has deeply held thoughts and feelings that are needing to be expressed, I want to send out two short messages.  First, I would like to ask everyone to join me in imagining the type of world we wish to emerge out of this crisis.  Do we want to create a world of isolation and separation, where neighbor is pitted against neighbor, or do we want a world of connectedness and compassion?  Envision as deeply as your mind and heart will allow, right down to the details.  Do we want a world with glyphosate or not? A world of expanding EMF pollution and smog or not?  A world where most of our days are spent looking at screens or one where we interact with trees, flowers and birds? 


Second, no matter what is happening around you, keep your nutrition as strong as you can.  This obviously means different things to different people.  For me, it means eating a Nourishing Traditions diet.


With those two thoughts, we are glad we are able to bring back two of our most nutrient-dense products, biodynamically grown Ashitaba Powder, and our Threefold Blend (Savory) Powder, which provides vegetables that represent the three parts of the plant – root, leaf and flower/fruit.


Stay well, and keep trying to find joy in your life.

Tom Cowan, M.D.

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