Meal Plan Changes Based on Your Feedback

Going Forward


By Joe Cowan

Director of Operations


We have 13 weeks of meal plans under our belts. That is 78 recipes! We sent out a survey recently about your communication preferences, topics and content styles you’d like to see. The results were interesting and informative, so thank you very much to those who responded. I am personally grateful for everyone who commented about how much they enjoyed the meal plans. It is very time consuming, and has been challenging to compose. 

What I am learning from the results of the survey, as well as my own experience, is that meal plans are valuable to a point. I eat almost entirely based on locally produced seasonal food, and I think most people would benefit from doing the same. Therefore, going forward, I will be writing a single week-long meal plan every month. These monthly week-long plans will be based on seasonality, with an emphasis on simplicity. They can be used as an inspiration for incorporating seasonally-available produce into your meals throughout the month, with the understanding that the season may be a few weeks ahead or behind, depending on your location.

In accordance with your preferences in the survey results, these plans will be supplemented with a wider variety of information on our products (quick and easy tips/tricks), general health and wellness, nutrition, gardening and homesteading. Some upcoming topics include farmer updates, garden projects, and new and interesting food preservation and processing techniques that might inspire some new culinary adventures in your own kitchen.

Be on the lookout for these new features in upcoming weeks!

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