My New Recipe for an Immune-Support Bone Broth

It’s Rich in Minerals and Flavor

Greetings, everyone. 

I have been busy making bone broth for immune support this past month and came up with a nutritious and delicious formula, which I’d like to share.  Into my large donabe (clay pot), I put chicken feet, which are rich in nourishing cartilage; one large marrow bone for minerals and healthy fats; a sheet of kombu (sea weed) for minerals; a small handful of our Dried Cholla Buds; a handful of dried elderberries for immune support; a few of our Chaga Nuggets, and, finally, a splash or raw apple cider vinegar to pull the minerals out of the bones.


I bring this to a boil, skim off the scum, and simmer from four to 24 hours, depending on my patience.  I then strain, refrigerate and scrape off the fat that floats to the top before use.  Keep the fat on until right before using the broth as it adds a layer of protection to the broth below.   You can use this in place of water for cooking, as a stand-alone drink or as the base for soups and stews.  


Just a quick reminder that my interview on the Hydration Summit was posted last Sunday and is available for viewing.   The interview was right before my new cancer book was released, and it covers the essence of my thoughts on the relationship between cellular water and cancer.  There are a number of very good interviews on that summit, as the organizers did a great job of rounding up the world's leaders on the subject of water, hydration and health.  


In health,


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