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Our Dandelion Powder Contains Both Leaves and Roots

Our Dandelion Powder Contains Both Leaves and Roots

September 09, 2019

It is with great pleasure that I get to introduce our newest product, Dandelion Powder. Dandelion Powder goes to the heart of what our business is all about for two big reasons. First, as I explain to all the visitors to my Napa garden, I am attempting to grow a medicinal food garden. In other words, I am attempting to live the dictum “let thy medicine be thy food.”

In practice, this means taking my daily consumption of greens to a new level, and this level includes dandelion — true dandelion. Taraxacum officinalis (true dandelion) is well known as a spring tonic and contain one of the highest nutrient and mineral densities of all leafy greens. These leaves (as opposed to the chicories that are mistakenly sold as dandelion greens in stores and markets) help regulate blood sugar, clear the liver of toxins and are perhaps the premier “blood-cleansing” herb used in herbal medicine. The roots of the dandelion also function as a medicinal food and help regulate blood sugar as well as normalize excessive cell growth.

Numerous references exist on Pub Med, the national clearinghouse of peer-reviewed medical journals, attesting to dandelion root’s ability to affect many aspects of the cancer process. Finally, Rudolf Steiner referred to dandelion as the Jupiter plant, meaning the use of dandelion helps to bring wisdom into the human being. 

The second reason that our Dandelion Powder goes to the essence of our business is that 100 percent of the dandelions used in our Dandelion Powder was grown and dried on Glentucky Family Farm, a Demeter-certified biodynamic farm in Northern California. Owner Mike Benziger is perhaps the most knowledgeable and careful biodynamic farmer I have ever met. His farm is a marriage of traditional biodynamic horticulture and modern scientific strategies. He not only makes his own biodynamic preparations, which enliven his homemade biodynamic compost, but he also uses modern equipment to measure and carefully adjust the moisture and humidity levels of his soil. This marriage results in crops of unmatched nutrient content that are also a beautiful feast for all the senses. Simply put, it is both a joy and a relief to visit Glentucky Family Farm and to use Mike’s vegetables. When eating Mike’s food, there is an inner sense of relief, as if one’s soul says, “finally, real food.” 

Working with farmers like Mike, and giving our friends and customers access to medicinal food of this quality, is why I wanted to be part of this business. Accessing this type of high-quality food is not the easiest path, but it is what makes the whole process worthwhile. 

Please enjoy our biodynamic Dandelion Powder in any savory dish. Use a pinch on your morning eggs or a teaspoon in your soup. And, as always, send your recipes and feedback, as we love

to hear from you.


In health,

Tom Cowan, M.D.

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