The Only Medicine a Human Being Needs

Our Turmeric Powder is grown on small, organic farms in Hawaii

A few years ago, when I was giving a workshop in Hawaii on heart disease, a traditional Hawaiian elder was asked to participate in the conference. In addition to giving an inspiring talk on the relationship between traditional Hawaiians and the islands themselves, he talked about the sacred turmeric root, “the only medicine a human being needs.”


Fast forward to today, and we find about 10,000 abstracts on Pub Med, the online clearinghouse for medical articles, that explore the role of either turmeric root or its active ingredient, curcumin, in health and disease. They show that turmeric/curcumin has beneficial effects on everything from the stem cells that give rise to malignancies, to improving cognitive function in people and laboratory animals.  Turmeric/curcumin reduces inflammation, supports cellular metabolism, supports people with neuro-degenerative illness and even improves athletic performance.  As the Hawaiian elder said, turmeric is truly a gift to humanity. 


Turmeric’s curcumin is best absorbed when consumed with fat and a small amount of black pepper.  Here is my preferred way to eat it.  Into a heated saucepan, I add grass fed ghee or butter and about a heaping teaspoon of our Hawaiian, shade-dried Turmeric Powder, which is grown on small organic farms, along with several grinds of black pepper.  I let the turmeric dissolve in the fat, then add chopped vegetables, maybe diced meat, a couple of other powders, and then stir it all together.  This mixture forms the base of my soups, stir-fries and even rice dishes. 


We are deeply gratified to be able to offer this gift from the Hawaiian Islands to you.  May it add warmth and deep nourishment to your life.



In health,


p.s. to learn more about the amazing benefits of turmeric and curcumin, click here.

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