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We're Hiring!!

We're Hiring!!

December 30, 2019

Marketing Manager


We are two family-owned companies in the health food and alternative health and wellness industries: 

Dr. Cowan's Garden, which makes and sells organic vegetable powders to help people easily diversify their vegetable consumption. We sell direct-to-consumer through our website and Amazon.

Human Heart, Cosmic Heart (soon to be, which is dedicated to the work and treatments developed by Dr. Cowan over his decades of experience in the alternative-medicine field.       

We are looking for a marketing manager to help us acquire customers for Dr. Cowan's Garden and to scale our business. The marketing manager would also increase awareness of Dr. Cowan's work by connecting with other health-care practitioners interested in integrating his approach and medicines in their work, through seminars, web platforms and other teaching modalities.

Dr. Cowan is a longtime holistic physician in private practice in San Francisco. He has written six books, is a popular speaker and radio/podcast guest, and has developed a dedicated following during his 35 years of practice. This following provides a solid foundation of trust regarding products, medicines and treatment approaches that he recommends and develops.

THE OPPORTUNITY We are looking for a self-starting, success-oriented Marketing Professional to help build the marketing engine for the organizations. The successful candidate will manage marketing programs via several channels, support business objectives, and advance brand building for Dr. Cowan, Dr. Cowan’s Garden and Human Heart, Cosmic Heart. The marketing manager holds ultimate responsibility for the marketing activities and marketing performance of the organizations. This position works closely with the CEO and Dr. Cowan and oversees the development and delivery of a fully integrated marketing strategy.

The right candidate will have a passion for healthy living, a love for learning, and a desire to make a positive impact on the health of others.  



This is an opportunity for a motivated marketing professional to take their career to the next level by partnering with a brand and founder with a great reputation and a genuine and loyal following. You will have the opportunity to create, develop, and execute marketing programs.  You can take your content game to the next level.  Feed your creativity by using multiple creative suite technologies including (but not limited to!) Adobe, Voice, Video, and Still frame software.  Learning opportunities will abound!    

Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge

  • Google Analytics – who are our customers, and how do we talk to them? Where are the opportunities to improve our public persona?
  • Basic web design/development skills – enough to be comfortable making minor website improvements in the Shopify platform.
  • Email marketing – incorporate industry best practices with segmentation, automated flows, sign-ups, etc. This is currently our best performing marketing activity that we’d like to fine-tune and expand.
  • Social media marketing – manage and grow social media marketing for existing accounts and direct the strategy and growth on new platforms.
  • Paid media (social media, Google Ads, etc.) – develop and manage scalable paid customer acquisition strategy.
  • SEO – improve onsite and offsite SEO.
  • Content Marketing – develop and manage content calendar and content creation.
  • Webinars – work with Dr. Cowan and team to create and promote webinars.
  • Affiliate and Influencer marketing – build social media influencer and affiliate program.
  • A desire to learn, grow, and get in on the ground floor of a top startup while launching your career.

What year one will look like:


  • Learn the businesses and become familiar with existing marketing tools, content and strategy.
  • Work with Dr. Cowan and the CEO, to develop a plan to build a comprehensive marketing engine leveraging existing strengths and improving weaknesses.


  • Finalize marketing plan
  • Optimize existing tools and infrastructure
  • Add new tools where appropriate
  • Begin testing ideas and campaigns


  • Identify areas for growth
  • Optimize campaigns and strategy


  • Have installed and managed the building blocks for the marketing departments for two growing organizations.
  • Identified areas or need
  • Develop a plan for continued growth


We work out of The Hurt Hub which is a coworking environment located in Davidson NC.  Check it out here The Hurt Hub.  There will be an opportunity to work in the offices and sometimes remotely.  Our team locally is small, but the coworking environment has lots of opportunities to interact with people, events, free coffee so it feels like a bigger company.  The Hub is a business casual environment full of startups and fast-growing companies.  It’s a super positive atmosphere full of people doing exciting things.  You’ll also have the opportunity to support a software startup for a few hours a week.  Their CEO, a fun and dynamic character, acts an advisor to both companies in addition to his other work.

Our Story 

Dr. Cowan’s Garden is a health food brand that helps people incorporate a wider variety of vegetables into their diet with our line of nutrient dense and delicious vegetable powder. We support farmers using regenerative farming practices by bringing their produce to a wider audience through our products and platform.

Dr. Cowan’s Garden is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to providing reasonable accommodations and will work with you to meet your needs. If you are a person with a disability and require assistance during the application process, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We welcome members of all backgrounds and perspectives.

Please send resumes to

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