Wild Ramps: One Way to Combat ‘Excessive Domestication’

By Dr. Tom Cowan

One of my favorite powders is back in stock


 One of my favorite powders, Wild Ramp Powder, is back in stock.  The core mission of Dr. Cowan’s Garden is to offer easy-to-use vegetable foods that are difficult and sometimes impossible for most people to obtain.  Humans are at risk of being overly “domesticated,” the inevitable result being poor health on many levels.  One way to combat “excessive domestication syndrome” is to regularly eat wild foods. 


Although some people are able to forage themselves to secure a steady supply of wild foods, most of us need to rely on expert foragers and people who can turn these wild foods into nutritious and delicious additions to your diet.  Wild ramps are a perfect example of this marriage. 


Our company contracts with foragers who sustainably harvest the wild ramps for us in the only time of year they are available, which is early spring.  They are then sent to be slowly dried and stored in our Miron jars.


Wild ramps are the ancestors of such well-known foods as garlic, onions and leeks.  They are members of the lily family but have emphasized nutrition and phytochemicals instead of beauty.  All the onion-family plants are known for supporting heart health, normalizing the circulation and blood pressure, and aiding detoxification.   Personally, I eat wild ramps whenever I can get them fresh and include Wild Ramp Powder in my diet the rest of the year.  


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