Homemade Butter

Churn Your Own Butter


By Joe Cowan

Director of Operations


Making your own butter is an easy and fun process, especially if you have a toddler with lots of energy. The quality that you get right off the bat is superb, and spreading freshly churned butter over a slice of toast is second to none in the snack food department. It can be difficult to find really good, true cultured butter. But the biggest reason I find for making my own butter is the byproduct that results. Buttermilk! For cornbread muffins, biscuits, pie crusts, cookies, and many more things, buttermilk is an essential ingredient and indispensable in the kitchen. Recipes making use of buttermilk to follow.


Ingredients for Home-Churned Butter


  • 1 pint heavy whipping cream
  • Optional, salt to taste




  1. In a large bowl or churn, pour in the heavy whipping cream. Make sure the bowl is cold. Begin to churn, whip, or blend. You can use any number of common kitchen appliances to whip the cream into butter.
  2. First the cream will turn into whipped cream, with soft peaks, and a light fluffy texture. The peaks will begin to stiffen as you continue to whip it.
  3. Keep going until the cream breaks and the fat separates from the liquid, also known as buttermilk.
  4. The process can take 5-10 minutes or even longer. Once done, set in a mason jar or other glass jar for normal use. If you are using raw cream, you should use the butter within 10 days at most.

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