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Curated Meat Boxes from Dr. Cowan's Garden + Polyface Farm

A Partnership Rooted in Community

Dr. Cowan’s Garden is delighted to offer our new line of Pasture products, featuring meat bundles from the one and only Polyface Farms, a pioneer in polyculture and the model for overcoming the harmful “big ag” farming practices threatening our health and that of our planet. Joel Salatin and his family offer a light at the end of the tunnel; a solution and a promise of what can be if we work together in harmony with the earth and all its bounty. 

Here at Dr. Cowan’s Garden, we only offer the very best possible products for our customers. With our Powder products, that means we grow the most nutritious beyond organic vegetables in the healthiest soil, dry them in the best way to maximize nutrient bioavailability and store them in Miron glass jars to preserve and further enhance their nutrients. With our Pantry products, we offer the best available grains and legumes, grown biodynamically from ancient heirloom seeds. Now, with our Pasture products from Polyface Farms and the Salatin family, we are able to bring our customers the very best humanely raised, pastured beef, poultry and pork products, delivered right to your door.

Explore the Pasture Meat Boxes

Pasture Certified A2/A2 Ghee
$ 30.00
Pluck All-Purpose Organ-Based Seasoning
$ 55.00
Pluck Zesty Garlic Organ-Based Seasoning
$ 55.00
Pasture Quick Meal Starter Box
$ 179.00
Pasture Chicken Box
$ 219.00
Sold Out
Pasture Beef/Chicken Bone Box
$ 110.00
Pasture Beef Premium Cut Box
$ 299.00
Sold Out
Pasture Quick Meal Premium Box
$ 309.00
Pasture Specialty Box
$ 179.00
Pasture Roasts & Stew Starter Box
$ 249.00

Meet the Farmer

Polyface Farm

All our meats are sourced directly from Polyface Farms, owned and operated by Joel Salatin and the Salatin family for four generations. Often referred to as the patriarch of biodynamic farming and a self-proclaimed “Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer,” Joel is a strong advocate of supporting local agriculture and freely shares what he’s learned about not only conserving the earth’s resources and healing the land, but harvesting nature’s bounty while simultaneously improving, rather than depleting, our environment.

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