Pastured Poultry

Polyface chickens raised to be broilers live in harmonious groups that mimic natural flocking patterns. The Salatin family uses 10 ft. X 12 ft. X 2 ft. high floorless, portable field shelters housing about 75 birds each. Moved daily to a fresh pasture paddock, these birds receive fresh air, exercise, sunshine, and all the genetically modified organism-free (GMO-Free) local grain they want. The shelters serve to shade them from the harsh midday sun and protect them from natural predators such as coyotes and foxes. Integrating the cows to mow ahead of the chicken shelters shortens the grass and encourages ingestion of tender, fresh sprouts. Polyface animals are encouraged to eat as much “salad” (diverse vegetation) as their full genetic potential will allow.
Pasture Quick Meal Starter Box
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Pasture Chicken Box
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Pasture Beef/Chicken Bone Box
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Pasture Quick Meal Premium Box
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Pasture Roasts & Stew Starter Box
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Meet the maker

Polyface Farm

All our meats are sourced directly from Polyface Farms, owned and operated by Joel Salatin and the Salatin family for four generations. Often referred to as the patriarch of biodynamic farming and a self-proclaimed “Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer,” Joel is a strong advocate of supporting local agriculture and freely shares what he’s learned about not only conserving the earth’s resources and healing the land, but harvesting nature’s bounty while simultaneously improving, rather than depleting, our environment.

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