Pigaerator Pork

Polyface literally backed into the pig business many years ago as a way to build compost. When feeding hay to the cows, they eat and lounge in a pole shed that is bedded down with wood chips, sawdust, and old hay to absorb the excrement. This bedding ferments in the anaerobic conditions created by the heavy cows walking on it. Added corn ferments and offers a tasty salary for pigs to aerate the bedding–hence PIGAERATOR. The oxygenation turns the entire deep bedding into a compost pile, which is the backbone of the farm’s fertility program. During the summer and fall, the pigs are in special savannah pastures rotated every few days with electric fence. The symbiotic relationship the pigs share with the land and the other animals on the farm cultivates a harmonious balance that serves as a healing force on the farm’s ecosystem.
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Meet the maker

Polyface Farm

All our meats are sourced directly from Polyface Farms, owned and operated by Joel Salatin and the Salatin family for four generations. Often referred to as the patriarch of biodynamic farming and a self-proclaimed “Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer,” Joel is a strong advocate of supporting local agriculture and freely shares what he’s learned about not only conserving the earth’s resources and healing the land, but harvesting nature’s bounty while simultaneously improving, rather than depleting, our environment.

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