Dr. Cowan shares his health-giving morning-soup tips


Almost every day for the past few years, my first meal of the day (which sometimes comes around noon after an 18-hour fast) consists of naturally leavened sourdough bread with butter, topped by two cooked eggs sprinkled with a variety of our powders.  In addition, I sauté chopped, fresh vegetables in ghee with Turmeric Powder, then add a quart of bone broth, which I bring to a boil and simmer for a few minutes.  As the soup starts to boil, I put in a generous helping of two to five powders. After transferring to a bowl, I add a big dollop of sauerkraut.


My favorite soup powders are Sea-Vegetables Powder, Threefold Blend (Savory), Three-Beet, Burdock and Ashitaba powders.   I add them for flavor and nutrients.  My favorite soup time of the year is around Thanksgiving, because my absolute favorite soup broth is turkey broth.  We make this the day after Thanksgiving by stripping most of the remaining turkey meat off the carcass to make sandwiches, then we put the carcass in a large stock pot with water and simmer for six to 10 hours.  The broth is then strained, chilled, skimmed of fat, and put into jars to be frozen.  If the turkey is a good-size one, it can easily make up to eight to nine quarts of broth.

 soup ingredients

Bone broth is a foundational food for human health.  It provides valuable collagen needed for intestinal and bone health, and strong doses of collagen have even shown to support those struggling with cancer.  The proteins in the broth, which are much different from those found in muscle meat, improve gut health by tightening up the junctions in the gut wall, thereby preventing leaky-gut syndrome.  Many diets whose aim is to improve gut health, such as the GAPS Diet and the SCD Diet, call for drinking two to five cups a day.  Dr. Cowan’s Garden powders pair extremely well with broth to make a quick, nourishing soup.   Not everyone has the time to do my soup routine in the morning, but everyone hopefully has time to put a cup of broth in a pan and add some powders and perhaps a couple of eggs to simmer till cooked. 


As my friend Sally Fallon Morell has said, America will be healed when the day comes when there is a “bone brothel” in every house (or block)!


Wishing you joy and peace,

Tom Cowan, M.D.


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  • Christine Gill

    What kind of pan is that shown in the photo. What cooking vessel do you use for making larger amounts of broth?

    Do you use jinen donables for making broth? Is this a non-toxic vessel? Thank you.

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