Our Sea-Vegetables Powder Is Certified Organic and Super-Nutritious

My maternal grandmother was born and raised in Lithuania, the second youngest of 11 children. They emigrated to the U.S. when my grandmother was a young child, and when she reached her mid-80s, all her siblings were still alive, and she was still referred to as “the baby.”  
All the siblings were still alive when, in my early 20s, I became a “health-food nut.” They would joke with me that I was just like Uncle Moe, who was healthy, vigorous, active and apparently quite the ladies man well into his 90s.   Uncle Moe was also a health-food nut, carried his own food wherever he went, including to family meals, and every single day of his adult life took a small handful of kelp tablets, which he claimed was responsible for his “vigor” (said with a big grin).   For this reason, I would like to dedicate the launch of our new Sea-Vegetables Powder to Uncle Moe, who in some way might have inspired my interest in healthy food. 
We are very excited about our new Sea-Vegetables Powder, for now we are able to offer not only Nori Powder, hand-harvested in pristine areas off the Sonoma coast, but also these sea vegetables (kelp, dulse and wakame), which are harvested off the coast of Maine.   The Maine sea vegetables are certified organic and are free of radiation and heavy metals. Hand harvested, shade dried and thoroughly vetted for any trace of contamination, our Sea-Vegetables Powder is a valuable addition to your daily diet.  The powder contains equal parts of three of the most nutritious and tasty sea vegetables on the planet.  
The first is dulse, a kind of red algae known for its red-tinged fronds.  Dulse has been used in Europe for at least 1,500 years, and a reference in a Chinese health manual from 600 BC mentions the necessity of feeding red dulse to the Chinese kings to insure their longevity.   Dulse is rich in such minerals as iodine for thyroid support, chromium for blood sugar regulation and manganese for supporting healthy bone formation.  What is not so well known is that dulse is rich in valuable omega-3 fats and other fat-soluble carotenoids.  
The next component in our Sea-Vegetables Powder is the popular Japanese and macrobiotic sea vegetable wakame.   Wakame is used liberally in traditional Japanese cuisine as a flavoring in soup as it pairs well with miso.  The most intriguing aspect of wakame is that it is rich in a chemical called fucoxanthin, which inhibits the accumulation of fat in cells, thereby preventing obesity. Its use as a safe and natural weight-loss aide is being studied. Because of the ability of fucoxanthin to inhibit the accumulation of fat, it also lowers the LDL levels in the blood.
The third ingredient is kelp, the sea vegetable favored by Uncle Moe.  Kelp is a rich source of fucoidan, which has an anti-inflammatory effect as well as stimulating apoptosis (programmed cell death) in cancer cells.  In addition, kelp has been shown to lower the serum estradiol levels, the type of estrogen associated with breast and uterine cancer.  Finally, kelp is rich in sodium alginate, which has been shown to reduce the absorption of radiation from the gut by 50 to 80 percent.
A delicious blend (with a slightly stronger flavor than our Nori Powder), our Sea-Vegetables Powder is easy to use in soups, sprinkled on eggs or as a flavor enhancer for any savory dish. See our delicious and easy Arugula-Sea Vegetables Pesto recipe below.

May this blend help us all be as robust as Uncle Moe.

In health,
Tom Cowan, M.D.

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