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Sea Vegetables: Help Support Blood Flow

Sea Vegetables: Help Support Blood Flow

March 01, 2018

Their Nutrients Help Support Blood Flow, Which Is Crucial to Disease Prevention

Benefits of Sea Vegetables

Although most people are aware of the presence of minerals like iodine, potassium, and calcium in most commonly eaten sea vegetables, it turns out that these important minerals are not the only reason to eat these nutritionally powerful vegetables.  Most sea vegetables, such as the wakame, dulse, and kelp in our Sea-Vegetables Powder, are also loaded with polyphenols, some of which are unique to sea vegetables.
For example, brown seaweeds (like dulse, above, and wakame, left, two of the ingredients in our Sea-Vegetables Powder) contain a type of polyphenol called phlorotannins, which is found only in brown sea vegetables.  This class of polyphenols has been shown to help prevent the cancerous transformation of cells; have a positive effect on glucose homeostasis, which can help prevent the development of diabetes; and, finally, increase the flexibility of the blood vessels, a crucial factor in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. 


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A significant line of research correlates polyphenol consumption with the prevention of all major degenerative illnesses we face.   All of these degenerative changes share the common factor of the progressive deterioration of blood flow.  By helping to maintain the strength and flexibility of our blood vessels, polyphenols aid in the prevention of such conditions as arthritis and heart disease.
For most of us, it’s not easy to include sea vegetables in our daily diet. A small scoop of our certified-organic Sea-Vegetables Powder is a convenient, delicious way to add these valuable, wild foods to your daily menu.  In addition to dulse and wakame, it contains kelp, which contains the highest natural concentration of calcium of any food, 10 times more than milk. I use a scoop in my morning soup and often sprinkle a bit more on eggs.
The taste is mild and will blend in with almost any savory dish, allowing you to get extra nutrition into children and those with picky palettes. This week, our Sea-Vegetables Powder is 40 percent off! We hope you enjoy these wonderful gifts from the sea.


Oatmeal Recipe with Dr. Cowan's Garden Sea Vegetables Powder

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