Red Range Farm

On the day after Thanksgiving, I invite us to connect once again with gratitude for the wonderful food we all shared yesterday, as well as for the farmers who grew this food for us.  One of our goals at Dr. Cowan’s Garden is to help small farms become Demeter-certified (the organization that certifies biodynamic farms).  This not only supports the Demeter label world wide, but it also ensures that the farms that supply our produce maintain the highest standards possible.


Today’s short video features Red Range Farm in western Pennsylvania.  This husband-and-wife team grows the peppers that become our beautiful, flavorful Pepper Salt.  They also grow Honeynut Squash for our Winter Squash and Threefold Sweet powders. By providing a steady market to them, we have helped them take steps toward obtaining Demeter certification.  With your support, we can change and regenerate our farms and our lands one farm at a time. 


With thanks,

Tom Cowan, M.D.




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