Thank You for Helping Us Make 'Real' Happen

Every year at this time, I wonder whether I can adequately express my gratitude for our company, our farmers and foragers, our food producers and, above all, our customers. We are living through a challenging and exciting time, a time I am grateful to experience, as painful as it can be at moments. Many of us have experienced rifts and splits with family, old friends, neighbors and community members.

At the same time, we have found new friends, forged new relationships and, in many cases, have decided that NOW is the time to do what we had longed to do for years. Now IS the time, or as an old orchard keeper responded when asked, "When is the best time to plant a fruit tree?" "Twenty years ago." The follow-up question was, "When is the next best day?" He replied, "Today."

Today is the day to thank all the members of the Dr. Cowan's Garden team, everyone from our CEO, Asher, to the COO, Joe, to the customer-support people, marketing people, outreach people, social media stars, technical support, and the people who dry and powder our vegetables with such care. Without our farmers and foragers, we would not be able to provide our wonderful customers with the quality of food they seek and need. Without the small companies who make our ghee, granola, nut butters, tallow creams and more, we would not be able to provide the products that meet our and your standards. Finally, without you, our customers, our company simply wouldn't exist.

Now is the time to secure and optimize your food situation. The commercial-food supply worldwide is in a tenuous situation. Food companies are going out of business, food-processing plants are burning to the ground, and international conflicts are being blamed on increasing food scarcity and rising prices.

None of this represents the real-food economy. The real-food economy is people growing and raising their own food, and what they can't raise, they trade with neighbors or purchase from small farms and companies they can trust. People are waking up to the need to store food, preserve food, dry food and, as humanity has always done, take responsibility for securing your sources of nourishment. Our world is literally crying out for real food, made by real people in a kind of mycelium network, starting with the family and going out, as needed, to the wider community.

Toward this goal of helping people get as much real food as possible, we are once again offering our Thanksgiving sale. We hope this sale helps you stock up on staples to sustain your family through the winter. We are growing as a community, a community dedicated to making real happen now. We start with food, and go from there.

All the best,


  • Deb & James Babcock

    Reading your books “Contagion Myths” & “Healthy Heart, Cosmic Heart”. Wow! We are on the same page in many ways.
    Thanks for your gift of sharing to others !

  • Angela Pate

    Thank you, Dr. Cowan. I received my first order of your powders and my family is enjoying them. It was a pleasure to meet you and hear your talk at Wise Traditions in Knoxville. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. 🙂

  • Suzanne

    That’s a wonderful message, Tom. I trust you, your staff and all the high integrity products you sell. Its been wonderful to be introduced to your network. There are so many new ideas for me and products I never knew about. I don’t mind aging at all (I’m a strong, healthy 75 yrs) but sometimes I wish I were younger so that I could do the hard work required to live off the grid and build a life of self reliance. I’m doing quite well with what I have and I love the changes in my life inspired by you and all the amazing people you introduce us to. Bless You. Suzanne

  • Kelly Seratt

    Thank you Tom. I absolutely love your company, and I purchase from it all the time. I especially love your telegram page where you hold counsel with your pet kitties LOL because laughter is especially important these days. Keep up the amazing work- thanks for the inspiration~ Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!! Gobble! Gobble!🦃

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