Thanks to You, One of Our Small Growers Has Converted to Biodynamics

The Farm Now Will Be Able to Expand

In this time of stress and confusion, I wanted to share a heartwarming story that was made possible by you, our customers.  As I have said, one of our core missions is to help small farms grow, prosper and, if possible, convert to biodynamics.  We just received word this week that Red Range Farm in Pennsylvania has received its official Demeter certification, meaning, it is now a recognized biodynamic farm.

My son Joe has been working with the farmers over the past year to help them get to this point, which includes not only the Demeter certification but also the ability to expand their growing capacity.  Last year they grew the peppers for our Pepper Salt, and Threefold Blend (Spicy), and honey nut squash for our Winter Squash Powder.   Their expanded growing capacity will allow them to be one of our primary growers as we continue our quest to have as many of our vegetables as possible sourced from small, biodynamic farms. 

You have helped make this achievement possible. Through purchasing our powders, you have helped this farm flourish.  For me, this outcome exemplifies the spirit of cooperation and renewal that will carry us forward in the creation of the new world that is emerging.  

In health and gratitude,

Tom Cowan, M.D.


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