Wild Ramps Might Be Timid, But Their Nutrition Is Powerful

‘Everything Tastes Better With Ramp Powder!’ 

Along with our leek products, our Wild Ramp Powder is my favorite Dr. Cowan’s Garden product.  Not only does the subtle, oniony flavor of wild ramps go well with almost every savory dish (as Alyssa, who works with me in my office, says:  “Everything tastes better with Ramp or Leek Powder!”), but Wild Ramp Powder also epitomizes the principles that our company stands for.

We are committed to the diversification of the American diet through the introduction of wild and perennial vegetables. These types of vegetables were the staples of most indigenous people.  Wild and perennial vegetables have unique flavors and more concentrated nutrient profiles than domesticated vegetables.  I try to eat them every day. Wild Ramp Powder is perhaps the simplest, easiest way for most of us to include this valuable vegetable in our daily diet.  

Wild ramps are the genetic precursor of the domestic allium family.  This family includes the popular food plants garlic, leeks and onions.  Almost every cuisine in the world has made ample use of at least one of these plants.  Ramps, unlike their progeny, are more reserved, almost to the point of being timid.  They’re grown in hidden places, often in deep forests, preferring moist, shady environments.  Their flavor is also less bold or sharp than their domesticated successors, yet they still retain that unmistakeable onion flavor. 

Our Wild Ramp Powder is made from ramps that were foraged by a man who is committed to sustainable foraging.  This means that he picks only enough to ensure that the ramps continue their growth for years to come.  This principle was also used by Native Americans and most other traditional people throughout history. 

Alliums also contain robust medicinal benefits.  They help prevent infections, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, reduce the risk of blood clots and encourage a healthy gut microbiome.  In sum, this is what we are about, diversifying our diets, supporting small farmers and foragers, working toward a truly sustainable food system while providing you with delicious and nutritious foods.


In health,

Tom Cowan, M.D.


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