Crisp Corn All-Year ‘Round and Green Beans Galore

By Terri Rozema

Being in the garden is healing. Digging in the soil with bare hands and feet while soaking up the sunshine. Fresh water washing the toes via the hose. Where bees are buzzing, hummingbirds fluttering, buds a-blooming and beans are growing.

Since we have an abundance of beans and are continuing to celebrate the summer while preparing for the winter, let’s enjoy them year-round by preserving some of the season’s favorites: corn and beans. Our beans, Emerite filet-type pole beans, thrived this year and I managed to can numerous quarts. The corn was from a local Amish farm. If you don’t have a garden, do a little research. Chances are good that within an hour’s drive, you will find a farmer’s market or local farm.

We will be pressure-canning these vegetables because they are too low in acid to water-bath can. Please read your manufacturer’s instruction guide and become familiar with your pressure canner and how to safely use it, before beginning these recipes.

Low-Acid Altitude Chart

Altitude Feet                  Weighted Gauge                 Dial Gauge

0-1000                           10                                        11

1,001 - 2,000                 15                                        11

2,001 - 4,000                 15                                        12

4,001 - 6,000                 15                                        13

6,001 - 8.000                 15                                        14

8,001 - 10,000               15                                        15


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