Peas, Shoots and Leaves

By Esther Boateng


Get ready for Summer with this light and leafy stir fry meal. Prepare your peas in advance and mix them together with your choice of broccoli sprouts, bean sprouts, or bamboo shoots, some salad leaves, and season with all-purpose organ-based seasoning, Threefold Blend Powder (Savory), Pepper Salt, and the protein of your choice, if desired. Fancy shredded bok choy or green cabbage instead of salad leaves? If so, thinly slice your choice of vegetables and cook them at the same time as the peas and sprouts.  If you prefer to keep things simple, enjoy your stir fry on a bed of salad leaves such as arugula or gem lettuce; maybe add strips of grilled chicken and garnish with a drizzle of black sesame seed oil.


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