Thanksgiving Celebration Cakes Plus Pressure Canning Pumpkin or Winter Squash

By Terri Rozema

What pies are on your family’s Thanksgiving table? Are they the usual apple, pumpkin, sweet potato, and pecan? Why not change it up? After all, variety is the spice of life and cake reminds us of celebrations.

This celebration cake is packed with fruits, dried vegetables, healthy fats, and spices. It is similar in texture to carrot cake yet tastes like Thanksgiving. Due to the moistness, mini cake and muffin pans are used, as a standard-sized cake would crumble too easily during the filling and frosting stage. Mini cakes and cupcakes are festively fun and small enough to sample other desserts without feeling overindulgent. (Like that's not going to happen on Thanksgiving 🦃.)

I have plenty of canned pie pumpkin in my larder, so that is what I have used. If you are interested in learning how to preserve pumpkin (or winter squash), directions are below the recipe. Too many pots on the stove right now? Don’t fret. All you need is a couple of sugar pie pumpkins, some fat and an oven to make your own fresh puree.  

Low-Acid Altitude Chart For Canning

Altitude Feet             Weighted Gauge             Dial Gauge

0-1000                       10                                    11

1,001 - 2,000             15                                     11

2,001 - 4,000             15                                    12

4,001 - 6,000             15                                    13

6,001 - 8,000             15                                    14

8,001 - 10,000           14                                     15


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