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Appalachian Heirloom Sweet Flint Popping Corn

This small and delicate Appalachian heirloom flint corn certainly handles its age with remarkable grace and taste. When was the last time you tasted popcorn that left impressions of sweet corn and honeysuckle rising from toasted corn, and a final hint of pure sweetness? Gluten Free. 


Directions: In a large covered pot, heat 1 Tbsp of olive oil, coconut oil or ghee. Add 3 kernels to the pan immediately and cover. Once those three kernels pop, add another cup of popping corn and turn the heat to low. Allow kernels to pop, keeping the lid tightly on. Once you can count to 3 seconds without hearing a kernel pop, remove the popcorn from heat immediately. In the same pan, melt butter and more olive oil and pour over the popcorn. Add salt and powders liberally.


Tips and uses: Lower heat is better for this popping corn. If you are cooking on a stovetop, some stirring or shaking may be necessary to get the best results. If you have a gas range, you might need to remove the pan from heat briefly. A generous coating of olive oil or coconut oil will help all the kernels pop.


Ingredients: Heirloom variety, organic popping corn. Nothing else. 

Net Weight: 18 oz.

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