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Dr. Cowan’s Garden offers beyond organic products that make healthy eating simple and delicious. We launched with a line of beyond organic vegetable powders that make it easy and convenient to eat a wider variety of vegetables daily for increased health and vitality. Since then, our family has grown and so have our product offerings. We continue to develop exciting new products, including an ever-expanding line of vegetable powders, pantry items, and pasture items. 

Please see below for more information on our partnership with Yoga Download for the 21-day Nurture & Nourish Challenge.

Are you ready to make this your season of self-care? Yoga can help you feel your best and heal yourself, and this 21-day challenge gives you the tools to feel more nurtured and nourished than ever. Join this journey with other challengers from all over the world to take your yoga practice, and your life, to the next level.

In this FREE challenge, you will have a choice of classes each day. There will be several styles and unique class options throughout the challenge as well as meditation, Yin, fitness classes, pilates, and other fusion styles. There will always be a gentler and more nourishing class option. You have the freedom and choice to make this challenge work for you. 

This challenge is truly for everyone, and suitable for all levels - beginner to advanced. This challenge will create growth and evolution, both on and off the mat, for all genders, body types, and levels of practitioner. 

Nourishing yourself is vital to keep a sense of health and balance in your life. When you create time each day to nurture yourself, you create an atmosphere for positive things to flow into your life and become more resilient when life gives you challenges. 21 consecutive days of yoga will have you feeling fantastic. Commit to your well-being and sign-up today!

Dr. Cowan's Garden Grand Prize Winner will receive:

The 3 runner-ups will each receive 1 jar of our Organic Summer Savory Powder.

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