Dr. Cowan's Garden Wild Ramp Powder
Dr. Cowan's Garden Wild Ramp Powder

Dr. Cowan's Garden Wild Ramp Powder

$ 60.00

The wild ramps in this powder were foraged in May from the Great Lakes region of Michigan. Wild ramps are rare in the marketplace because their season is only a few weeks long, and they grow only on the forest floors of the eastern United States and Canada. Also, they grow slowly and take up to four years to flower and reproduce, so sustainable harvesting is a must.

This powder is a delicious way to add a wild vegetable to your daily diet. Wild and perennial vegetables are key to diversifying vegetable consumption (and to ensuring optimal health) because of their extra-rich nutrient content.

Almost 14 ounces of fresh ramps are contained in each jar. Because the powder is stored in a Miron jar, this tender and uniquely flavorful plant is now available for year-round cooking as a delicious powder.

Wild ramps are in the allium family and are often referred to as wild leeks. Prized by the best chefs, they have a distinct onion-garlic flavor.  The entire ramp is generally used in cooking, and we include the whole plant in our powder.
Wild ramps are a rich source of such valuable minerals as selenium (which supports immune function), chromium (needed for blood-sugar regulation), and iron (for production of healthy red blood cells). No doubt, their nutritional richness derives from their mining the humus from the cool forest floor.

In addition to being a rich source of minerals, wild ramps are also a good source of choline, which is needed for brain development, and of the sulfur-containing compound kaempferol, which protects the lining of the blood vessels in our bodies.

Our favorite way to use Wild Ramp Powder is mixed into soft butter to be used over  steaks or roasted chicken, or for sautéing vegetables. It's also delicious sprinkled liberally over sliced potatoes before roasting with sea salt and plenty of olive oil.

$60 for 40 gram jar

Net wt. 1.4 oz

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