All the Ways I am Blessed


Dear friends, amazing as it is, another year has passed with even more to be grateful for in my life. Not only am I surrounded by a loving wife; beautiful healthy, vibrant animals; amazing woods, a garden, a meditation hut, and on and on, but I also get to do work that feels in a small way as if it is in service to the highest aspirations of men and women. Those are the main components, for me, of a life that feels worth living: Loving relationships with both human and non-human beings, and work that makes sense. 

I am further blessed to be working with such a passionate, informed, curious and dedicated group of people in our business. Everyone -- from our CEO, Asher, to the practitioners in our clinic, to the participants in our curriculum, to the customers at our store and to the amazing support people in our business -- has been a joy to work with this year.

Our world has a long way to go before we get a clean bill of health.  With your help, we will find the creativity and strength to make this beautiful world a healthier, happier, more just place. We can do this. 

With gratitude,




  • Luz Arpino

    Dear Tom,
    We are blessed to have found a healer who sees the world through a clear lens. You and your team make healthy make sense: relationships, nutritious food, fresh air, sunshine and having a purpose on the good Earth are all that is required to keep us in fine tune.
    Blessings to you and all who love and support you. Happy Thanksgiving Tom Cowan.

  • Corinne

    And I am thankful, up here in Canada, for all that you bring to the world in all that you do and express.

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